The main duties of the campus services team at IST Austria is to manage the apartments on campus, the guesthouse rooms, the café/pub and act as link to the management company of the cafeteria (SV Österreich GmbH) and the childcare center (Kidspoint GmbH). The administration of the childcare places for the daycare and kindergarten groups at the childcare center "Froschkönig" as well as the coordination of the IST Austria shuttle bus, the reception desks, the cleaning of all buildings on campus as well as the administration of the fitness center, sports ground and tennis courts are additional tasks.

Elke Egger (Unit head):
Martin Rinder (Team leader food & beverages, cafeteria, café/pub, food trucks) :
Carina Größl (Guesthouse rooms):
Klaus Frieben (Food & beverages operational services) –
Katja Rimpl (Apartments):
Lydia Dussmann (Assistant to Campus Services, childcare on campus): or
Astrid Kober (Service desk employee):
Horst Weikinger (Mail distribution and delivery):