Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) provides guidance, support and legal advice for any issue around environmental protection, health and occupational safety: workplace evaluation, handling of hazardous substances, personal protective equipment, maternity protection; waste management, air and water pollution prevention and energy efficiency; ergonomics, vaccinations, stress and many other health prevention programs. Trainings in first aid, firefighting, general safety briefings, accident prevention and analysis tools, safety risk management etc are organized on demand.

Susanne Wertheimer-Wiegel (Head): -1087 susanne.wertheimer-wiegel@remove-this.ist.ac.at
Samira Baig (Occupational Psychologist): samira@remove-this.baig.at
Gerald Giel (Safety Officer): -1056 gerald.giel@remove-this.ist.ac.at
Ursula Prandstätter (Junior Expert EHS): -2244 ursula.prandstaetter@remove-this.ist.ac.at
Beata Lutomska-Kaufmann (Occupational Physician): - 7447 physician@remove-this.ist.ac.at