The works council, a body of elected representatives, provided for in the Austrian Labor Constitution Act (Arbeitsverfassungsgesetz) (ArbVG §§33-170) and elected by the employees of IST Austria, is responsible for representing the employees’ interests, collectively and individually, to management. The most recent elections were held in January 2018. The responsibilities of the council include:

  • Inform employees of their legal rights and support them in exercising them
  • Work to achieve fair and equal treatment and the best possible working conditions for all employees
  • Negotiate additional benefits for employees such as flexible working time, collective insurance, special conditions for working parents, etc.
  • Improve the decision-making process by providing structured feedback to the management
  • Support employees in all matters that affect their welfare at the institute
  • Organize social events to foster the community spirit on campus and promote a healthy work-life-balance

Members & Contact:

  • Daniela Klammer, Chair (Academic Affairs, Career development for scientists)
  • Joachim Tröster, Deputy Chair (Core IT)
  • Elena Deliu (Postdoc, Novarino group)
  • Dominik Forkert (PhD student, Maas group)
  • Ingrid de Vries (Sixt group)
  • Marcus Liebhart (Procurement)
  • Vlad Cozac (Graduate School Office)
  • Mike Hennessey (PhD student, Hof group)
  • Michael Adletzberger (IT)
  • Robert Hauschild (staff scientist, Bio-Imaging Facility)



      Office: Guesthouse, third floor (I01.03.077)

      For confidential matters, please contact the chair directly:
      ext. 1098; mobile +43 650 7411227;