Central Building viewed from the West
Interior of Central Building
Interior of Central Building
Yard of Central Building
Lecture Hall viewed from the West
View to Lecture Hall
Glass Roof of the Lecture Hall
Glass Roof of the Lecture Hall with tree from topping-out ceremony
Interior of Lecture Hall
Administration Building
Interior of Administration Building
View to Energy Centre
Tank in front of Energy Centre
Wood Chip Tank inside Energy Centre
District Heating Pipeline
Site Heating
Topping-out Ceremony
Completed ramp of the new access road to museum / Fertiggestellte Rampe der neuen Zufahrtsstraße zum Museum
View on completed ramp of new access road / Blick auf die Rampe der neuen Zufahrtsstraße
Collector for supply and waste lines / Kollektor für Ent- und Versorgung
Collector / Kollektor
Storage pit of new energy supply unit / Lagergrube für neue Energieversorgungseinheit
New main access road / Neue Hauptzufahrtsstraße
View on west wing of Central Building / Blick auf den Westflügel des Zentralgebäudes
Ballroom with floor removed at the Central Building / Festsaal mit entferntem Boden im Zentralgebäude
Hall in Central Building / Gang im Zentralgebäude
Roof structure of Central Building / Dachstuhl im Zentralgebäude
Interior of Central Building / Innenansicht des Zentralgebäudes
Interior of Central Building / Innenansicht des Zentralgebäudes
Construction worker Josef Kaspar in the cellar of the Central Building / Bauarbeiter Josef Kaspar im Keller des Zentralgebäudes
Construction worker / Bauarbeiter: Martin Höbarth, Bernhard Aigner, Dietmar Faltin, Johannes Hobiger
Construction worker / Bauarbeiter: Mario Kitzler, Markus Decker
Construction worker / Bauarbeiter Saim Atak
Office on construction site / Baubüro