Construction & Maintenance is one of the largest units on campus. Its staff is busy with developing the campus and maintaining its facilities. Engineers, architects, highly experienced electricians, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and sanitary specialists, control and regulation engineers and technicians work hard to ensure a smooth operation of the technical systems of the campus.

Furnishing and maintaining flats and guest rooms as well as all offices and ensuring the proper functioning of all services to secure a pleasant working environment is an everyday task. The technical management of the new pre-clinical facility is another task of our department. Issuing of keys and access cards, codes and all related administration is the responsibility of the construction & maintenance team.

Stefan Hipfinger (Head): - 1005
Dagmar Härtel-Ring (Deputy Head): -1169
Michael Pletzer (Team Lead Electrical Engineering): - 1011
Martin Träxler (Team Lead HVAC): - 1024