Human Resources and Hospitality provides professional staff management and services including counseling and support for scientists, scientific service units and administration employees in the following fields: hospitality, recruiting SSUs and Administration, employee training and development, compensation and benefits, payroll, appraisal interview, job descriptions, apprentices and trainees, labor law and employment contracts, mobility, secondments, HR marketing, gender and diversity, discrimination and harassment, dual career service, international office, HR information system and personnel files.

Kerstin Jagsits (Head of People Services): – 1036
Nina Casutt (HR Administration SSU/Admin): -1143
Renate Cummins (HR Aministration Scientists): -1171
Nicole Junker (HR Administration SSU/Admin): -1181
Arzu Kaya (HR Administration Scientists): -1117
Romana Langer (HR Administration Scientists): – 1123
Sarah Noisternig (Payroll Officer): -1129
Maria Plasser (Expert Personel Development & Recruiting): -1113
Christina Sporr (HR Assistant): -1009