IST BookList


IST BookList ( is the library catalog containing an increasing number of books and eBooks available at IST Austria. Here you will find all book items offered by the library for general use, but it also includes numerous books held by the research groups of IST Austria.

Quick search within the catalog

Physical books
At the moment the library offers around 1.000 books to lend in the fields of biology, mathematics, physics, computer science etc.

Library books are freely accessible 24/7 at our physical library located on the third floor of the Central Building at the Guest House. Apart from reference books you can borrow these books by using our Self Checkout System.


BookList also lets you administer your library account. It shows you the books you have recently borrowed, allows you to renew your borrowed items and to put books on hold.


Besides the physical books you can also search the catalog for more than 5.000 eBooks licensed for IST Austria employees. The catalog leads you directly to the publisher where you can read or download the items.

Book Suggestions

If you want to suggest a book that the library should add to its collection, don’t hesitate to use the Purchase Suggestion Tool. After login please enter the crucial parameters of the book you suggest and write a short comment why the library should provide the book. Your library team will try to purchase books which could also be of use to other readers as soon as possible.

Interlibrary Loan

In case you only need a chapter, or the book seems to be too specific for general use, we’d rather ask you to fill out the form for an Interlibrary Loan. Please set the type of document you’re requesting (book or book part) and enter the essential information in the form. We will try to get an electronic copy or borrow the physical book from a partner library.

User Guide for BookList
For further information how to use catalog please read the IST BookList User Guide.

Further Library Catalogs

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Search Engine of the Austrian Library Network
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As a member of IST Austria you are entitled to use any library of Austrian educational establishments (e.g. Vienna University libraries) free of charge. Before visiting an external library for the first time please read up on the terms of use of the library concerned or ask the IST Austria library team. Usually you will need your IST Austria ID Card and proof of residence (Meldezettel) for borrowing books in other university libraries.