Social science networks are something very useful. They can help you organize your research, papers, projects and much more. Using these platforms you can easily coordinate your PDF’s and almost all of them can get the most important metadata to e.g. create citations quicker and easier. That’s not the only thing they can do though, they’re also great for finding people whose research interests you and people interested in yours. With these social features added it makes it much easier finding collaborators. Also, some of these networks even have forums where you can ask and answer each other’s questions and thus helping everybody get one step closer to their publication. With these two things combined, organization and community, projects are much more productive and efficient. Here are some examples for you:

ResearchGate can be seen as the Facebook for scientists and researchers. Here they can share papers, ask and answer questions in forums, and find collaborators in the same field of research. This online platform incorporates many features from a typical social network, while also providing scientific services beneficial for scientists.

Mendeley is an online platform, which can be used to share research papers, discover research data and collaborate with other scientists. Not only can it do that, but it’s also a great tool for organizing and extracting metadata from PDFs. It’s also available as an app on Android and iOS.

Zotero is an open-source reference management software, which manages bibliographic data and research materials.  Other features include in-text citation generation, online syncing and web browser integration. It’s compatible with the processors Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, Writer and NeoOffice. Using the Zotfile plugin you are able to sync PDFs to a mobile PDF reader.

Qiqqa is a freeware/freemium reference management software that combines PDF reference management tools a mind map brainstorming tool and a citation manager. Researchers and/or research groups are able to store, synchronize and collaborate on their PDF documents using the Qiqqa Web Libraries.

Docear bundles useful applications for academics such as, mind mapping, PDF and reference management. Future features applications include integration for a word processor, PDF editor and an academic search engine. This software has two key features uncommonly offered: Importing PDF annotations and structuring all information into a mind map.