Communicating science is a central mission of IST Austria. In order to satisfy the information demands of very distinct and diverse target groups the Institute’s communications department has developed a set of different formats, ranging from events and lectures for the general public to symposia, conferences and talks for scientists. Additionally, Communications establishes and maintains contact with the media, donors, schools, and the communal and campus neighbors.

The biggest event is the annual Open Campus Day in celebration of the anniversary of the Institute’s inauguration. A central activity is the award ceremony for a school science competition aimed at elementary and high school students from the region. The Science-Industry Talk, organized jointly by the Federation of Austrian Industry and IST Austria, is an annual event with the goal to foster the interaction between the basic research community and the business world. The IST Lectures are targeted towards a general audience interested in current developments in science, with speakers providing sufficient background information for non-experts and, at the same time, going into detailed explanations of a recent scientific topic.

Kids playing at Open Campus Day