• Laboratory Equipment Infrastructure
    Infrastructure equipment is common research equipment that is shared by two or more groups on campus. The equipment is purchased and maintained by LSF funds, but operated by users.
  • Technical Support
    Inspection of non-functional equipment and coordination of repair, supply with technical gases(including dry ice and liquid nitrogen), support with off-campus technologies
  • Laboratory cleaning and waste disposal
    Laboratory areas are cleaned by LSF staff to avoid critical mistakes by not sufficiently trained external staff. The disposal of laboratory waste is also centrally organized by the LSF.
  • Goods receipt and operation of in-house shop
    All external deliveries for the laboratories are centrally received and distributed by the LSF. The LSF is also operating an in-house shop, allowing withdrawal of the most common laboratory consumables in a 24/7 fashion.
  • Lab safety
    All issues regarding laboratory safety, in particular biosafety, radiation safety, handling of hazardous chemicals, definition of safe working procedures etc are covered in the LSF. Our aim is to assist all labs to find safe working procedures that are fully compliant with Austrian law.