IST DataRep

IST DataRep ( is the institutional repository for publishing research output of IST Austria affiliates. IST DataRep was implemented to help scientists fulfill the requirements from funding bodies and to meet the growing impact of publishing research data. The deposited data receives a DOI and therefor becomes citable, it will be publicly accessible and stored for the long term.


Why publish research data?
Reproducibility and traceability of research is important for the validation of critical research findings. Making research data publicly available enables their re-use and also brings a reward to scientists for doing so (Data Citation Index by Thomson Reuters). Openly available research data can typically be accessed, mined, exploited, reproduced and disseminated free of charge for the user. Furthermore almost 50% of research groups at IST Austria receive ERC grants and are therefore required to make their research data publicly available after the publication of the related article.

Who may deposit?
IST Austria researchers who have produced research data associated with a publication, or which has potential use for other researchers, are invited to upload their data collections for sharing and safekeeping. For further questions regarding data publication or Open Access to research data please don't hesitate to contact the library team.

How to deposit?
There is a checklist which can help you make preparations before the deposit and a DataRep User Guide where you find all the information you need to handle DataRep: How to find data, deposit and manage your data, and manage your account.


Subject data repositories used by researchers at IST Austria
Dryad Digital Repository
Repository of data underlying scientific and medical publications

NIH genetic sequence database, an annotated collection of all publicly available DNA sequences - machine learning data set repository - machine learning open source software

NCEAS Data Repository
Research data sets collected and collated as part of NCEAS' (National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis) funded activities

Repository of all kinds of phylogenetic data

UC Irvine Machine Learning Repository