July 30, 2018

Open Access Agreement with ACS Publications

Due to an agreement between IST Austria and ACS Publications authors from IST Austria are eligible for discounted open access fees.  

In which journals can I publish discounted at IST Austria?

The agreement is valid for all ACS journals.

Which requirements do I need to fulfill?

You need to be corresponding author of the accepted paper.

What do I need to do?

To make your paper freely accessible you have different options:

During the publication process you will be asked to choose your home organization from a dropdown menu. Recognized as IST Austria affiliated author you are eligible for 25% discount to the normal APC ($3.000 instead of $4.000). A further discount of 50% is also possible, if you become a member of ACS ($1.500 instead of $3.000). The membership costs $171 but already pays off with one publication. However, picking these options copyright still remains at the publisher.

To unlock your publication under the terms of Creative Commons (copyright at the author) further $1.000 will be charged. As a member of ACS this fee will be reduced to $500.