IST PubList

IST PubList ( is a bibliographic database listing all publications affiliated to IST Austria. It contains descriptions of articles, conference proceedings, book chapters etc.
In addition to the whole scientific output of IST Austria, PubList also gathers publications of professors before they joined IST Austria.

A User Guide helps you how to search and find entries in PubList and how to export these search results.

PubList provides the possibility to search for publications of researchers and research groups affiliated to IST Austria. It shows the research achievement of the institute over the years and helps to track the specific results of research activities. Furthermore the citation of publications can be downloaded and reused easily for personal citation management.

Link to Publications
Although PubList doesn’t contain the publications themselves you will find a link to the content in each entry. To access unlicensed publications PubList also cites the free version of the publication if one is available at a repository like PubRep or arXiv.    

Data Management

The library team puts a lot of effort into the support of PubList. However, scientists have a more reliable overview of their own publications. So every scientist working at IST Austria is required to add information about her/his paper to the publication database themselves not later than two weeks after acceptance of the paper. For publication of a paper, the affiliation “IST Austria” should be used in address.

The library team reviews and corrects the entries if needed as soon as possible. Precise and flawless entries support external visibility and help to generate complete publication lists for both researchers and for reports on IST Austria.

Further information on how to enter publications to PubList please read the detailed User Guide on creating entries or contact the library team.

About Publist
PubList is based on the open source software BibApp developed at the University of Illinois and the University of Wisconsin-Madison with additional customization by IST Austria.