Academic year 2018/19

Date Speaker Topic
September 6, 2018 (UNUSUAL TIME) Nicola De Nitti (Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro) Waiting Time Phenomenon for the Thin-Film Equation: Sharp criteria in terms of the mass of the initial data
September 6, 2018 Tibor Dome (ETH Zürich) The zero-point entropy of square hexagonal ice
September 11, 2018 (UNUSUAL DAY) Dominik Schröder Lifted multicuts on paths: combinatorial optimization and polyhedral geometry
September 11, 2018 (UNUSUAL DAY AND TIME) Edward Gillman (EPSRC) Studying Topological Defect Formation with Matrix Product States
September 13, 2018 Stavros Garoufalidis (Georgia Tech) State integrals, the quantum dilogarithm and knots.
September 27, 2018 David Mitrouskas (University of Stuttgart) High Density Limit of the Fermi Polaron with Infinite Mass
October 02, 2018 ( UNUSUAL DATE) Yuriy Nemish Local laws for polynomials of Wigner matrices
October 4, 2018 Yiting Li (KTH Stockholm) Rigidity of eigenvalues for beta ensemble in multi-cut regime
October 9, 2018 (UNUSUAL DAY) Nathanael Berestycki (UniWien) Dimers and Imaginary Geometry
October 11, 2018 Nina Holden (ETH Zürich) Cardy embedding of uniform triangulations
October 25, 2018 Elliott Lieb (Princeton) A Dual Form of the Sharp Nash Inequality and its Weighted Generalization
November 06, 2018 (UNUSUAL DAY AND PLACE: UNI WIEN) Dominik Schröder(IST)/ Vienna Probability Seminar Cusp Universality for Wigner-type Random Matrices
November 06, 2018 (UNUSUAL DAY AND PLACE: UNI WIEN) Ellen Powell (ETH)/ Vienna Probability Seminar
November 8, 2018 Bernhard Pfirsch (University College London) Formulas of Szegő's type for the periodic Schrödinger operator
November 15, 2018 Lea Bossmann (University Tübingen) 1D Gross-Pitaevskii equation for strongly confined 3D bosons
November 20 2018 (UNUSUAL DAY AND PLACE: UNI WIEN) Vienna Probability Seminar Atul Shekhar (KTH) On the continuity of the Loewner Map
November 20 2018 (UNUSUAL DAY AND PLACE: UNI WIEN) Vienna Probability Seminar Mo Dick Wong (Universität Wien) Fusion estimates in Gaussian multiplicative chaos
November 22, 2018 Cyril Labbe (University Paris-Dauphine) Localisation of the continuous Anderson hamiltonian in 1d
December 3, 2018 (UNUSUAL DATE) Carlangelo Liverani (Universita degli Studi di Roma) From microscopic to macroscopic: the Hydrodynamic limit.
December 4, 2018 Vienna Probability Seminar Wei Qian (Cambridge) The geodesics in Liouville quantum gravity are not Schramm-Loewner evolutions
December 4, 2018 Vienna Probabiliy Seminar Máté Gerencsér (IST) Talk was cancelled
December 5, 2018 (UNUSUAL DAY) Christian Hainzl (University of Tübingen) On the Hartree-Fock ground state of a homogeneous electron gas
December 12, 2018 PDE Afternoon Angkana Rüland (Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences) Uniqueness, stability and single measurement recovery for the fractional Calderón problem
December 12, 2018 PDE Afternoon Simone Di Marino (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa) Entropic optimal transport: Duality and Application to Mean Field Games
December 20, 2018 Enderalp Yakaboylu (IST) Quantum groups as hidden symmetries of quantum impurities
January 10, 2019 (UNUSUAL TIME) Tim Laux (Berkeley) Analysis of the thresholding scheme for mean curvature flow in codimension two
January 10, 2019 Alberto Chiarini (ETH Zürich) Entropic repulsion for the Gaussian free field conditioned on disconnection by level sets
January 11, 2019 Thilo Simon (New Jersey Institute of Technology) A nonlocal isoperimetric problem with dipolar repulsion
January 15, 2019 (LOCATION: Uni WIEN, Starts 16:30) David Garcia-Zelada (Paris Dauphine)Vienna Probability Seminar A large deviation principle for empirical measures on Polish spaces
January 17, 2019 Lucas Benigni (Courant Institute) On the distribution and fluctuations of eigenvectors of random matrices
January 29, 2019 Vienna Probability Seminar: Lisa Hartung (University of Mainz) From 1 to 6 in branching Brownian motion
January 29, 2019 Vienna Probability Seminar: Jan Swart (The Czech Academy of Sciences) Recursive tree processes and the mean-field limit of stochastic flows
January 31, 2019 (UNUSUAL TIME) Rupert Frank (LMU Munich) Functions of perturbed self-adjoint operators
February 7, 2019 (starts at 16:15) Peter Nejjar (IST Austria) Cutoff and discrete product structure in ASEP
February 12, 2019 (PLACE: UNI WIEN) Vienna Probability Seminar: Máté Gerencsér (IST Austria) Boundary renormalisation of stochastic PDEs
February 12, 2019 (PLACE: UNI WIEN) Vienna Probability Seminar: Eveliina Peltola (Université de Genève) Crossing probabilities of multiple Ising interfaces
February 14, 2019 Giacomo de Palma (University of Copenhagen) The Entropy Power Inequalities with quantum conditioning
February 19, 2019 (UNUSUAL DATE) Andreas Deuchert (IST Austria) Gross-Pitaevskii Limit of a Homogeneous Bose Gas at Positive Temperature
February 21, 2019 Simon Larson (KTH Stockholm) Lieb-Thirring inequality for wave functions vanishing on the diagonal set
February 28, 2019 Simone Rademacher (University of Zurich) Central Limit Theorem for Bose-Einstein Condensates
March 7, 2019 Alessandra Occelli (Uni Bonn) Time covariance (and stationarity) for last passage percolation models
March 7, 2019 (UNUSUAL TIME) Haonan Zhang (Université de Franche-Comté and Polish Academy of Sciences) Carlen-Frank-Lieb conjecture and monotonicity of α-z Rényi relative entropy
March 12, 2019 (PLACE: UNI WIEN) Vienna Probability Seminar: Ioan Manolescu (University of Fribourg) Uniform Lipschitz functions on the triangular lattice have logarithmic variations
March 21, 2019 Arnaud Triay (Universite Paris-Dauphine) Semi-classical limit of large fermionic systems at positive temperature
March 26, 2019 Vienna Probability Seminar: Adrian Dietlein (IST Austria) Poisson local eigenvalue statistics for continuum random Schrödinger operators
March 26, 2019 Vienna Probability Seminar: Ewain Gwynne (University of Cambridge) The fractal dimension of Liouville quantum gravity: monotonicity, universality, and bounds.
April 4, 2019
April 9, 2019 (PLACE: UNI WIEN) Vienna Probability Seminar: Martin Huesmann (Universität Wien)
April 9, 2019 (PLACE: UNI WIEN) Vienna Probability Seminar: Eero Saksman (University of Helsinki)
April 11, 2019
April 18, 2019
April 23, 2019 Vienna Probability Seminar: Balint Toth (Bristol and Budapest)
April 25, 2019 Mathieu Lewin (Universite Paris-Dauphine)
May 2, 2019
May 7, 2019 (PLACE: UNI WIEN) Vienna Probability Seminar: Aran Raoufi (ETH Zürich)
May 7, 2019 (PLACE: UNI WIEN) Vienna Probability Seminar: Tom Hutchcroft (University of Cambridge)
May 9, 2019
May 16, 2019
May 23, 2019
June 4, 2019 (UNUSUAL TIME AND PLACE: UNI WIEN) Vienna Probability Seminar: Nina Gantert (TU München)
June 6, 2019
June 13, 2019 Gitta Kutyniok (TU Berlin)
June 20, 2019
June 27, 2019
July 4, 2019
July 11, 2019
July 18, 2019
July 25, 2019
August 1, 2019
August 8, 2019
August 22, 2019
August 29, 2019