October 16, 2015

ERC President Bourguignon visits IST Austria

Jean-Pierre Bourguignon meets IST Austria researchers and talks about importance of ERC grants for advance of science

Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, President of the European Research Council (ERC), paid a visit to IST Austria on October, 14, 2015. He was welcomed at the voestalpine Administration Building where he met Vice President Michael Sixt and Head of Grant Office Barbara Abraham. After a presentation on the research institute, they had a lively discussion about the importance of ERC grants for the advance of science. The subsequent campus tour included meetings with Professors Nick Barton, Sylvia Cremer, Laszlö Erdos and Chris Wojtan, all of them being ERC grantees. Following luncheon shared with PhD students and postdocs and an interview conducted by Head of Communications Stefan Bernhardt, Bourguignon’s visit to IST Austria came to an end.

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