January 10, 2012

The Institute Colloquium Spring 2012

Past Institute Colloquia: Fall 2011 | Spring 2011

The Institute Colloquium is the principal research seminar at IST Austria. Scientists from around the world and from across all disciplines of the natural sciences are invited to present their latest findings. The Institute Colloquium has an interdisciplinary flavor and is meant to be of general interest to the research community of IST Austria as well as that of Vienna and surroundings.

The Institute Colloquium takes place on Mondays at 4:30 pm in the Raiffeisen Lecture Hall of the central building.

If you want to use the free IST shuttle bus from Wien Heiligenstadt to IST Austria, please print out the invitation for the Institute Colloquium and present it to the driver.

Schedule for Spring 2012

  • Monday, February 27

    Andrew Read

    Pennsylvania State University
    The evolution of drug resistance and the curious orthodoxy
    of aggressive chemotherapy
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  • Monday, March 19

    Thomas Lecuit
    IBDML - Developmental Biology Institute of Marseille - Luminy
    Biomechanics of tissue morphogenesis: from local to global scales
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  • Monday, March 26

    Thomas J. Silhavy
    Department of Molecular Biology, Princeton University
    Outer membrane biogenesis in Gram-negative bacteria
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  • Monday, April 16

    Nikos K. Logothetis
    Department Physiology of Cognitive Processes,
    Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics
    In vivo Connectivity: Paramagnetic Tracers, Electrical Stimulation & Neural-Event Triggered fMRI
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  • Monday, April 23

    Laurence Hurst
    University of Bath
    Why there is more to gene evolution than protein function: splicing, nucleosomes and dual-coding sequence
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  • Monday, April 30

    Maria Leptin
    European Molecular Biology Organization
    Genetics and cell biology of complex cell shapes
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  • Monday, May 14

    Jürgen Knoblich
    Institute of Molecular Biotechnology
    Dare to be different: Asymmetric cell division and tumorigenesis in fly and mouse neural stem cell lineages
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  • Monday, June 11 - CANCELED !!!

    Barry Dickson
    Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP)
    Wired for sex: the neurobiology of Drosophila mating behavior
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  • Monday, June 18

    Stephanie Wehner
    National University of Singapore
    Uncertainty determines the non-locality of quantum mechanics
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  • Monday, July 2

    Terence Hwa
    Department of Physics, UC San Diego
    Growth laws: origins and consequences
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