“At IST Austria we support the self-archiving of scientific work and encourage publishing in Open Access journals, in order to make the results of our research accessible to the broadest possible audience.”


Professor Thomas A. Henzinger, President of IST Austria






Open Access – unrestricted access to scientific publications – is an ongoing trend in the scientific community. Open Access makes scientific publications and other digital material, such as research data, freely accessible via the world-wide-web. IST Austria is committed to provide unrestricted and cost-free online access to scientific publications for all users and researchers as widely as possible. The main goal is to increase the visibility, use, and impact of research output, and thereby generate added value for the scientific community.


To support the idea, IST Austria adopted and published its Open Access Policy February 15, 2014.

IST Austria encourages its researchers to publish in Open Access journals and repositories. For this reason we would like to provide information about Open Access to our researchers, but also to the interested public.

On this page, you can read about further reasons to go Open Access, describing the difference between publishing in an Open Access journal and archiving in an Open Access repository.

Moreover you will find information about what to consider and do if you plan to publish in an Open Access journal. A short introduction will also help you to find the proper repository to archive your papers.

Furthermore, you will find information about the policies of the different funding agencies like the ERC and the FWF concerning Open Access. Relevant questions about how to finance the publication in Open Access journals are discussed.



If there is anything you want to know about Open Access, but couldn´t find on this webpage, feel free to contact the IST Austria Library.