The final planned COFUNDED call for applications for the ISTFELLOW program was held in spring 2015. 

The ISTFELLOW program may be resumed at a future date but there will be no further calls for applications in 2015.

In order to attract outstanding postdoctoral researchers, the Institute has set up a program for exceptional researchers, which is partially funded by the European Union1, ISTFELLOW. This will fund 40 fellows for a period of two years each. 

ISTFELLOW is open to qualified applicants from all over the world who are interested in spending the postdoctoral stage of their scientific research career at IST Austria. The program is intended for postdocs interested in the areas that are represented by the faculty at IST Austria.  As the research portfolio of the Institute continues to branch out into other areas in the coming years, including physics, chemistry, and mathematics, so will the ISTFELLOW program.  At all times, in keeping with the spirit of the Institute, ISTFELLOW will give preference to scientists who have a strong interest in cross-disciplinary approaches.

Appointments under the ISTFELLOW program are for two years. Fellows may stay for an additional two years if the host professor(s) agree and have sufficient funds.

1 Marie Curie Co-funding of Regional, National and International Programmes (COFUND)

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