150 COAX probe station is a dedicated 150 mm manual probe system for electrical testing on wafers or chips, with a maximum of 4 independent terminals. The chuck is compatible with wafer sizes up to 150 mm. A microscope with 15x - 100x magnification and LED illumination camera is used to center the probe needles on the contact pads. Three axis movement of the probe needles with the manual manipulators allows electrical and SOFT mechanical contact.  This probe station is coupled to Keithley 2450 Graphical Source Meter (SMU). Wide variety of applications are possible, such as I-V/C-V, RF, mm-Wave and sub-THz measurements, device characterization, failure analysis (FA), submicron probing, MEMS, and optoelectronic engineering tests.








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Responsible: Philipp Taus  philipp.taus@remove-this.ist.ac.at  

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