SS10 dicing saw contains a high-speed spindle fitted with an extremely thin diamond blade to dice, cut, or groove semiconductor wafers, silicon, glass, ceramic, crystal, and many other types of material. The thickness of the blades varies by the type of material to be cutted, it is of about 20μm ~ 35μm is used when cutting the silicon wafer.

  • Standard Spindles up to 60,000rpm
  • Enhanced throughput
  • X axis 600mm/sec, Y axis 160mm/sec, and Z axis 80mm/sec
  • 17” LCD touch panel
  • Kerf check function
  • Stores over 10,000 recipes
  • Optimized vacuum controller

User Support and  Scientific Advice


Responsible: Juan Luis Aguilera

Substitute: Philipp Taus  

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