The EBPG5150 electron beam lithography system is designed for high-resolution and high-accuracy patterning of devices on semiconductor wafers.  Highly focused electron beams are used to draw circuit patterns on the nanometer scale onto semiconductor wafers coated with resists.

  •  High current density Thermal Field Emission gun for operation at 20-100 kV
  •  155 mm platform
  •  Minimum feature size of less than 8 nm
  •  Rapid exposure with 50 or 100 MHz pattern generator
  •  Continuously variable large field size operation to 1 mm at all kVs
  •  GUI for ease of use operation for diverse "multi user environment"
  •  Thermal Field Emission (TFE) electron source
  •  Automatic dynamic off-axis focus, stigmation and distortion correction software
  •  Low noise 20-bit main field deflection
  •  Field size operation, variable up to 1mm by 1mm at all voltages
  •  Binocular microscope, X/Y stage and Laser Height sensor to pre-align wafers 
  •  System control software suite “BEAMS” on fully integrated control PC.  


User Support and  Scientific Advice


Responsible: Salvatore Bagiante  salvatore.bagiante@remove-this.ist.ac.at 

substitute: Juan Luis Aguilera  juan.aguilera@ist.ac.at 


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