PICO plasma system is used to modify surfaces, precision cleaning of contaminated components, plasma activation of plastic parts, etching of PTFE/silicon, and coating of plastic parts with PTFE like films.  Low-pressure plasma is used to bond materials together or to change the surface properties to suit ones needs. In the low-pressure plasma technology, gas is excited in a vacuum by supplying energy. This results in energetic ions and electrons, as well as other reactive particles, which constitute the plasma. The effect of the plasma changes by varying the process parameters such as pressure, power, process time, gas flow and composition. 


  • O2 plasma system
  • 6-inch chamber and tray in quartz
  • Max power up to 300W at 13.56 MHz
  • 2 gas channels via needle valves 


User Support and  Scientific Advice

Responsible: Juan Luis Aguilera juan.aguilera@ist.ac.at

Substitute: Philipp Taus philipp.taus@remove-this.ist.ac.at  

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