The MILA-5000 mini-lamp annealing system uses a heating sytem, in which an infrared (far-infrared) lamp is fixed at the focus of the paraboloidal reflector and reflects infrared beams in parallel. The lamp is available in two types: a near infrared lamp (100 V, 1 kW/piece) with high energy density that can heat the sample to a high temperature efficiently within a short time or a far-infrared lamp (100 V, 250 W/piece) suited to uniform heating. Being sealed in a quartz glass tube, these infrared lamps generates no gas from the heating element and allows clean heating. The furnace body is made of aluminum and is cooled with water to allow heating to a high temperature.

  • Crystallization of annealing of thin ferroelectrics
  • Rapid thermal annealing(RTA) of compound wafer
  • Sintering of ohmic electodes
  • Heating furnace for thin film deposition
  • Substrate heating furnace in optical CVD
  • Atmospheric annealing furnace
  • Heat treatment in ultrahigh vacuum
  • Heat resistance evaluation of surface coated film
  • Thermal cycle test of heat resistant steels
  • Characteristic evaluation of composite materials
  • N2 and forming gas (5 % H2 in N2) are available


User Support and  Scientific Advice


Responsible: Philipp Taus  

Substitute: Juan Luis Aguilera

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