Plassys MEB 550S2

The MEB 550 S2 is a UHV  type evaporator with three chambers. This computer controlled evaporation tool dedicated for fabrication of quantum devices. It has a high precision tilting/rotating sample holder for shadow evaporation, and   oxygen gas inlet for  oxidation of tunnel barriers. The source chamber is cryo pumped and separated  from the sample chamber by a gate valve. The sample chamber is turbo pumped, and is equipped with an ion gun for sample pre-cleaning and etching. 

Allowed metals: Al, Nb, Ti






  • Source chamber with a linear 4x 15 cc UHV ebeam source
  • Treatment chamber above the source chamber
  • Lateral Sample load lock for a 4" substrate
  • Possibility for in-situ oxidation


User Support and  Scientific Advice


Responsible: Lubuna Shafeek

Substitute: Juan Luis Aguilera



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