Wet benches (chemical process stations) are designed for processes involving corrosive chemicals. There are 7 different wet benches in NFF facility (6 of them are situated in the ground floor and one in the basement), each bench is designed for handling of specific use. These benches are custom designed for the particular process and are fitted out as necessary to include: DI water taps & guns, nitrogen guns, wash/weir tanks, hot plates, ultrasonic tanks, sinks, etc. Out of 6 wet benches in the ground floor, 2 wet benches are dedicated for Acid/base developing, 2 wet benches are for solvent developing, one wet bench is dedicated for HF, and other is for spin coating and backing.

Check the link below for more information.

     HF Wet benches 

     Acid/Base Wet benches 

     Solvent  Wet benches 





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