The wire bonder 5330 can process aluminum and gold wires from 17.5 to 75 µm to 125µm width. Due to the mechanical manipulator system the operator can create different kind of loops. The bond head is equipped with automatic feed- and tail-function, which allows user-friendly bonding.





  • DC motor driven Z-linear-axis
  • Contactless electronic touchdown-sensor
  • Generator 65 or 100kHz reversible programmable 0 up to 5W
  • Bond force 15 up to 300cN - manually or electrically adjustable
  • Clamp tear
  • Substrate standard diameter 60 mm for components up to 2 x 2"
  • Triangle, rectangular, reverse, stitch, programmable loops

Available wire: Aluminum 


User Support and  Scientific Advice


Responsible: Juan Luis Aguilera juan.aguilera@ist.ac.at

Substitute: Philipp Taus philipp.taus@remove-this.ist.ac.at  

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