Our Nanofabrication Facility provides ...

  • Cleanroom equipped with the state of the art for micro- and nanofabrication processing
  • Specialized staff who guarantee the availability of processing equipment and the development of new processing
  • Training and availability for all users

Description of IST Cleanrooms


The cleanroom is divided in two units located in the ground floor and in the basement of the Building West (I21) at IST Austria.

Ground floor:

The main part of the cleanroom will be allocated at this floor. The planned size is about 250 sqm. 

It will be separated in the following areas:

  • Photo-Lithography (20 sqm)
  • Wet Chemistry (25 sqm)
  • Deposition (24 sqm)
  • Dry etching (25 sqm)
  • Characterization (26 sqm)
  • PDMS fabrication (17 sqm)
  • Tool move in (9 sqm) 
Ground Floor


The planned size for the cleanroom in this floor is 60 sqm (with potential extension up to 120 sqm). It will provide the best condition for low vibrational noise, electromagnetic noise and temperature stability.

This unit will be divided into the following areas:

  • Electron beam lithography (20 sqm)
  • Scanning electron microscope (14 sqm)
  • Characterization 1 (10 sqm)
  • Characterization 2 (11 sqm)

On both floors additional rooms (greyrooms) will be available for the operational equipment that cannot be allocated in the cleanroom.