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The Animal House has been in operation since January 2011 and moved to its current newly built facility in February 2016. All animals are kept and handled according to best standards and conditions only by qualified employees.

The Animal House provides ...

  • space for 8400 mouse cages and 300 rat cages on 3 floors in 17 animal rooms
  • behavioral area with 2 rooms

Also the PCF Lab and the lab facility of Transgenic Services are physically situated in the Animal House to ensure efficient sample processing and routines. 


  • breeding and maintenance of rats and transgenic mouse strains
  • timed mating of mice
  • tissue sampling
  • veterinary care and support
  • import of animals from commercial suppliers and research institutions/collaborators
  • export of animals to research collaborators
  • administrative support with ethical applications and all legal issues related to the work with laboratory animals
  • support with setup of experiments
  • regular and individual training courses combining biology, ethics and legal issues with practical training of handling and various techniques according to FELASA guidelines for all staff                  


  • Biosafety Level class 2 working benches
  • HEPA-filtered pass through locks including working benches
  • Leica M165 FC Stereomicroscope, Flourescence (mCherry, YFP, GFP), External light source EL 6000
  • Ventilated cabinets – Scantainer I-110
  • Behavioral equipment, e.g. IntelliCages, several Mazes, Light/Dark chamber