Recruiting outstanding scientists and staff is a top priority for IST Austria. Being aware of the challenges that academic mobility poses on trailing partners, IST Austria is currently exploring possibilities of support. At present, the Dual Career Advice office at IST Austria provides the following basic services:

  • IST Austria is a member organization of the Dual Career Service Support (DCSS) network of Vienna’s Science and Technology Fund, which offers job search information to partners of newly appointed professors (please note, professors only). If you are interested in the services of the DCSS network and would like to establish initial contact with this network, please get in touch with the Dual Career Advice office at IST:
  • In addition, for all international scientists and staff, the Dual Career Advice office at IST can provide basic information regarding starting points for job searches, German courses and career coaches.

We encourage you to apply for the Career Grants from the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT): the Relocation Grants assist researchers from abroad in starting and/or continuing their career in Austria whereas the Dual Career Grants provide support with the professional integration of their partners.