The city of Klosterneuburg is known for its high standard of living. The location between the Danube and the rolling hills of the Vienna Woods with its vineyards, pastures and forests provides an excellent environment. The city offers all educational, medical, social and cultural services at an exceptionally high level.

The historic center is visibly shaped by the enormous monastery, re-designed in the 18th century  in splendid Baroque style as residence for the Austrian emperor. The nearby museum gugging displays the works of the Gugging artists and a forum for international Art Brut.

IST Austria is located within the village of Maria Gugging, which lies directly on the Federal Road B14. This road passes through Klosterneuburg to link the campus directly with Vienna’s city center and with the national road network via highways A22, A4 (airport highway), A23 and A2 (southern corridor).

Klosterneuburg at dusk