There are two major strategies on the road to Open Access:

On the one hand, scientists can decide to publish their work in an Open Access journal, which provides unlimited access to publication from anyone and anywhere. This elegant solution is also called the “Golden Way to Open Access”. You can find more details about how to publish in an Open Access Journal in Open Access Gold. To learn more about the quality of Open Access journals also read about Questionable Open Access Journals.

On the other hand, it is also possible to make your work openly accessible, even if you already published it in a conventional journal. For this, subject and institutional repositories have been developed, where you can upload pre-prints, post-prints, working papers etc. of your work. This self-archiving strategy is also called the "Green Way to Open Access". You can find more information about how and where to archive your publications at Open Access Green.


If you need help in choosing which way to follow, do not hesitate to contact your IST Austria-Library.