Academic Affairs (AA) deals with the organization of academic life at IST Austria and coordinates the quality control of research at the Institute. It administers the entire recruitment process for Professors and Assistant Professors. Likewise AA coordinates meetings of the Scientific Board, the Professorial Committee as well as institute, area and tenure evaluations. The organization of the Graduate School with all its courses, the admission process of students, student affairs and the development of rules and procedures of the PhD program are further important tasks within AA. In addition AA coordinates the employment process of staff scientists, postdocs and students and supports visiting scientists who stay longer than three weeks at IST Austria.

Barbara Abraham (Head): -1020

Helga Materna (Deputy Head; Faculty Recruiting Neuroscience; Staff Scientists): -1004
Daniela Klammer (Faculty Recruiting Physical and Mathematical Sciences; Career Development for Scientists): -1095
Verena Seiboth (Faculty Recruiting Chemistry and Biology; Erasmus +): -1183
Saltanat Schweitzer (Data Analysis Expert; Alumni Tracking): -1198
Barbara Kunes (Assistant AA): -1023
Pedro del Real Lavergne (Assistant AA): -1122

Postdoctoral Office:
Michael Jordan (Postdocs and Visitors): -1068
Jutta Faigle (Postdocs and Visitors): -1120

Graduate School Office:
Hania Köver (Head): -1159
May Chan: -1163
Sarah Seider: -1135
Ulrike Seiss: -1034