Communications & Events support the managing team, the scientists, and the administration in any kind of public relations and public affairs, maintaining contacts with and responding to inquiries by organizations of public, representational or political nature, and the media. In addition, it produces and distributes publications such as press releases, the annual report, image brochures or folders. Communications & Events is also in charge of internal communications, digital content management, and public outreach activities,. Moreover, academic events like conferences, workshops and meetings are organized by our event management team.

Answer Lang (Head): -1092
Lisa Cichocki (Visits): -1026
Martina Doppler (Assistant to Head): -1186
Arinya Eller (Academic Events): -1121
Sophie Fessl (Science Writer):
Elisabeth Guggenberger (Media Relations Manager): -1199
Georg Heilig (Public Outreach): -1070
Yvonne Kemper (Science Writer):
Kathrin Pauser (Alumni Relations Manager): -1162
Christina Philippi (Deputy Head, Teamleader Events): -1132

Bernhard Wenzl (Web Editor): -1062