Highly qualified candidates who have recently completed PhD or equivalent in the natural or computer sciences, mathematics or any related discipline are eligible to apply for a full-time postdoctoral position at IST Austria. A postdoctoral fellow can be appointed for a period of up to four years. Candidates are selected by the head of a research group (Professor or Assistant Professor) and the appointment is subject to the availability of sufficient funds for the salary of the postdoctoral fellow and a formal approval of the Academic Affairs division. Applications are accepted on a continuous basis, and those interested in a postdoctoral position at IST Austria should contact the respective group leader directly. In addition, IST Austria has set up the ISTplus postdoctoral program for exceptional researchers, which is partially funded by the European Union. More information is available here.

IST Austria offers a minimum salary of EUR 3,594 gross per month. In Austria salaries are paid in 14 monthly installments with extra payments in June and November.

IST Austria offers a supportive environment for research and professional development. It provides access to state-of-the art facilities from bioimaging to nanofabrication and scientific computing within its Scientific Service Units. It fosters an open and international culture with a scientific staff from more than 60 nations. It offers career development services for young scientists to prepare them for their next steps. And it provides numerous social and fringe benefits like additional health or accident insurance, accommodation, cafeteria, sport & leisure, language courses, free IST Austria shuttle bus, childcare on campus and other family services.

Current open postdoc positions

The Schur Lab has an opening for a PostDoc at IST Austria. The group’s research focuses on the “in-situ” structural characterization of dynamic events in cell migration and viral infection that involve proteins of the actin cytoskeleton and associated regulators. The ideal candidate will have a strong interest in learning and developing new techniques in the field of cryo-electron tomography. Applicants should have a background in cell biology or structural biology. Prior experience in mammalian cell culture methods, live-cell imaging and cryo-electron microscopy is highly valued. Please find more details in the job ad.

There is a postdoctoral position in condensed matter theory and quantum dynamics in the group of Maksym Serbyn. Applications are invited for these postdoctoral positions, with areas of interest that include (but not limited to) many-body localization, quantum dynamics in isolated systems and its numerical simulations, superconductivity, and non-equilibrium properties of solids. Active collaborations with other research groups at IST Austria (theoretical and experimental) will be encouraged. Please find more details in the following document.

In the group of Professor Vladimir Kolmogorov a postdoc position in the area of discrete optimization is available immediately. For detailed information see the postdoc ad.