The campus of IST Austria is located in Klosterneuburg, a historical town to the northwest of Vienna. The campus lies in the beautiful landscape of the Vienna Woods, only 18 km away from the city center of the Austrian capital.  IST Austria operates a convenient and fast Shuttle Bus that runs from Heiligenstadt to the campus between Monday and Friday on an hourly basis.

The campus has tremendous potential, consisting of large green park-like spaces (179,000 m²) and an additional area of 25,000 m² for a planned technology park. The Bertalanffy Foundation Building, the Lab Building East, and the Central Building with the Raiffeisen Lecture Hall, which was efficiently adapted for the needs of a  first class research institute, blend in with the old pavilion-like edifices from the late 19th century. Other facilities include apartments, a guesthouse, a cafeteria, a pub, the "Fröschkönig" kindergarten, a soccer field, a tennis court, and the Art/Brut Center gugging museum.

Bridge kitchen linking Central Building and Bertalanffy Foundation Building