The campus (180'000 m2) has undergone major changes since construction work started in late autumn 2007 in order to offer the best possible environment for science. 17 of the 30 buildings of the former hospital had to be demolished. The remaining buildings were renovated. 

  • The central building with its approx. 9000 m2 was adapted for the needs of the theoretical groups, the central services, the guest house, the pub and the seminar center.
  • The seminar center connects directly to the state-of-the-art lecture hall with its 200 seats.
  • The other side of the central building is linked with a glass bridge to the 4000 m2 of the Bertalanffy Foundation Building for experimental groups, offering easy exchange of people and ideas.
  • Opposite of the pond the voestalpine administration building hosts the office of the president, the management and the administrative staff.
  • Lab Building East, completed in November 2012, accommodates research groups from neuroscience.
  • Lab Building West, opened in December 2015, has 10’000 sqm floor area spread over six floors for up to 300 people in 30 research groups.
  • Opened in April 2016, the cateferia has a seating capacity of 230 seats inside plus 154 seats outdoors.
  • The 2nd Administration Building, opened in September 2018, has space for approximately 85 work places and has a connecting bridge to the voestalpine administration Building.
  • Space for further buildings has been assigned and can be developed swiftly.

Essential for the functioning of the campus is the infrastructure, serving all scientific needs. A new access road connects the campus with the roundabout at the main road. Underneath the ring road which leads to all buildings an easily maintainable collector houses all piping and wiring. Facility management, energy supply unit – fueled with wood chips – and work shops are located at the far east side of the campus.

Stefan Hipfinger is the Construction Manager. He can be reached at -1005 (Ext.) or via

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