The balance between work and family life is a significant challenge for both employees and employers. In order to support this balance, IST Austria decided in 2014 to participate in the “workandfamily” audit, which, under the supervision of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Families and Youth, evaluates companies on their family-friendliness, and helps them define and plan improvements. Three years later, all measures were implemented successfully, and IST Austria received the “workandfamily” certificate. Measures included:

  • Family Services Officer: contact person for questions and concerns about family issues
  • Availability of selected information brochures and forms on maternity protection, parental leave, childcare, Austrian school system, etc. in English
  • On-site kindergarten for children from 3 months of age and older
  • Room with workplace and children’s play area
  • Structured parental leave management
  • Annual Town Hall to address compatibility issues

At the same time, IST Austria committed to a new cycle of the audit (2017-2020) in order to address the Institute’s steady growth and changing needs. The audit will provide management with a structure-based framework for reflecting, adapting, and developing new projects together with the employees.