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Gaia Novarino: The gene test for children with autism

Gaia Novarino (center) and Aysan Yahya research Autism Spectrum Disorders / Photo: Rainer Riedler

Gene and cell tests help teams from the Medical University of Vienna and Prof. Gaia Novarino with her researchers at IST Austria to develop therapies for children on the autism spectrum. The tests enable children and their parents to establish the disorder’s genetic and cellular causes. In addition, the fundamental results also help other children and their families.

The test is free for the families affected. However, the costs of one test amount to € 1.000. The more children and their families can be tested, the more extensive and valuable the data become for the research teams.

Support Prof. Gaia Novarino with your share:

o € 50                  e.g. 200 plates for bacteria or 2’500 pipette tips

o € 100                 e.g. 15 packages of single-use gloves or 1 restriction enzyme (for cutting DNA)

o € 200                 e.g. 10 gel units for protein separation or 1 tube of fluorescent anti bodies

o € 500                 e.g. 1 tube of DNA polymerase for 1’000 reactions or 1 magnetic stirrer

o € 1’000                e.g. complete gene test for the entire family


With your donation you support research and training at IST Austria. We thank our supporters by recording your name and the donations of up to € 1’000 visible for the public on our donation website, your consent provided.  As expression of our gratitude for donations between € 1’000 and € 10’000 your name and the amount will be

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  3. and in the cases listed above on the according homepage.

O I agree to the public recording of my data in the forms mentioned above

The duration of the record of name and amount on the donation website complies with the regulations of the statutory data protection regulations.

If you are subject to taxation in Austria, tax breaks can apply as IST Austria is treated equally by the Federal Ministry of Finance to Austrian universities in regard to the deduction of donations. In order to assert the tax breaks and to enable a possible matching of the donations by the federal budget it is necessary to directly transfer your donation to IST Austria.

Institute of Science and Technology Austria
Raiffeisen Bank International, Am Stadtpark 9, A-1030 Wien
IBAN: AT553100000104079273

To correctly book your donation and to assert the deduction of donations it is necessary to convey the following data to the Federal Ministry of Finance:

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Data protection regulations

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