Supporting IST Austria

For us, the mere fact that you are considering a donation to IST Austria is an expression of your appreciation of our model, our successes so far and our future viability. Due to the option of a tax break and a possible matching from the federal budget, the value of your donation can increase considerably. As an appreciation for your donation, we offer to establish named professorships and named research positions, or name buildings and projects according to your wish. The amounts and periods listed below serve as approximations.


Carl-Philipp Heisenberg and Cornelia Schwayer study the mechanisms of vertebrate morphogenesis / Photo: R. Riedler.

We believe in the excellence of our researchers. Based on an extremely competitive selection we grant our talents at all levels utmost independence to realize their ideas in an optimal environment. With your donation you can support us in doing so.

<Your name> Scholars€ 50’000 p.a.
for four years for two excellent students, total of € 200’000

Two students are selected based on their achievements and their potentials by a professorial committee, and then examined regularly. The students permanently carry the title <Your Name> Scholars. After the completion of the four-year PhD studies the support program can be renewed.

<Your name> Fellow € 100’000 p.a.
for three years for an outstanding postdoc, total of € 300’000

A postdoc is selected based on her/his achievement by an internal committee, and then examined regularly. The postdoc permanently carries the title <Your Name> Fellow. After the completion of the three-year postdoc contract the support program can be renewed.

<Your name> Assistant Professor € 200’000 p.a.
for three years for an outstanding Assistant Professor, total of € 600’000

The President of IST Austria suggests an Assistant Professor. The scientist permanently carries the title of <Your Name> Assistant Professor. After promotion to tenured Professor the support program can be either renewed for a new Assistant Professor or converted into a support program for a tenured Professor, taking into account the support provided so far.

<Your Name> Professor   € 3’000’000

The tenured Professor permanently carries the title of <Your Name> Professor. All public appearances and publications are done under this name.

<Your Name> TWIST Fellowship€ 50’000 p.a.

A graduate with a potentially marketable idea is given the opportunity to investigate the commercial viability of this idea and develop it further.


The rooms and buildings carry your name indefinitely. The name will be used in all internal (like signposts or door plates) and external descriptions (like digital maps and satnav software)

<Your Name> foyer    € 1’000’000
<Your Name> lecture room   € 500’000
<Your Name> seminar center 
€ 100’000
<Your Name> seminar room € 50’000
<Your Name> cafeteria€ 2’000’000
<Your Name> Kindergarten <Folder link>  
Entire Kindergarten€ 2’000’000
Extension€ 1’000’000
Central building € 1’000’000
Group room€ 250’000
Playground€ 100’000
Research tower € 20’000
<Your Name> Administration building <Folder link>              
Entire building€ 4’000’000
Wing€ 2’000’000
Floor € 1’400’000
Reception area € 300’000
Meeting room€ 200’000
<Your Name> Lab Building East€ 10’000’000
<Your Name> Lab Building West
Theoretical wing                            € 10’000’000
Experimental wing                        € 10’000’000

The IST Austria Foundation

Official recipient of all donations is generally the IST Austria foundation. Established in 2016, its objective is to develop a long-term endowment following US examples and allowing to co-fund research with the profits of its investments, thus contributing to the independence of the Institute.

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