Who we are

IST Austria is a young international institute located in Klosterneuburg on the outskirts of Vienna, dedicated to basic research and the education of scientific talents.

We are committed to conducting world class research. By 2026 our state-of-the art campus will host approximately 90 international research groups.

Among experts, IST Austria is considered to be exemplary. Throughout Europe, the Institute has the highest success rate in acquiring grants from the prestigious European Research Council. IST Austria appeared in Nature Index’ global Top Ten of young research institutes as the only European institute.

Sandra Siegert researches the impact of the immune system on brain functions / Photo Nadine Poncioni.


Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Neuroscience, Mathematics and Computer Sciences: IST Austria is dedicated to the classic fields in the Natural Sciences. We encourage our researchers to do interdisciplinary work at the interface of scientific fields, where the most astounding insights can be generated. A highly selective process ensures that only the most qualified scientists and students are admitted to IST Austria. Learn more about our research groups.


Important publications in prestigious journals like Nature or Science, enlightening lectures by Nobel Prize winners or public events like the Open Campus Day: get the latest updates from the campus and sign up for the IST Austria Newsletter.

Legal Foundations

Passed in 2006, the federal law on the Institute of Science and Technology Austria allows IST Austria to act independently―a central prerequisite to achieving scientific excellency. At the same time, legislation obliges IST Austria to raise a significant part of its budget through third-party funds like research grants or donations. Only if IST Austria succeeds in attracting external funds can the intended growth be achieved. This unique financial and organizational structure is at the core of an active quality assurance policy.

Tax Deductibility

Based on a reference in the Federal Law on the Institute of Science and Technology Austria, the Ministry of Finance classes IST Austria with Austrian universities. Thus, all donations to the Institute are tax-deductible. Pertaining to a matching through the federal budget where applicable, your contribution can increase manifold. Please contact us for further details and the creation of a tailor-made support model.

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