October 2017

  • October 6th: Stuart Baird visited IST today. He gave a seminar talk on a method to process population genomic data, and a new way to compress typical NGS data. He also had meetings with Nick and many group members.

June 2017

  • June 30th: Jonathan Pritchard visited IST today. He gave a seminar talk on a method to infer recent selection on highly polygenic traits, where he also discussed the overall highly polygenic architecture of human traits and the recently proposed "omnigenic" model. Besides that, he had interesting meetings with Nick and several group members.

May 2017

  • May 25th: Today, Lenka Matejovicova successfully passed her qualifying exam! In her PhD with the Barton group, she will analyze floral color patterns in Antirrhinum (common name: Snapdragon). She will investigate variation beyond the known major flower color loci, and develop novel computational tools for this.
  • May 18/19th: Nick and many members of the Barton group attended the IST Evolutionary Biology Retreat 2017, a joint retreat with the Vicoso, Cremer, Guet and Tkacik groups. Located at the picturesque Schlosshotel Zeilern, the groups introduced each other to their research, presented ongoing work and exchanged ideas, with the aim to foster collaborations in the future.


January 2017

  • January 26th: Another passed qualifying exam! Stefanie Belohlavy took this important step towards her PhD by successully presenting her plans to a committee consisting of Reinhard Bürger and Nick. Her work will focus on Quantitative Genetics, in particular how the Infinitesimal Model relates to sequence data from artificial selection experiments. Congratulations!

  • January 25th: Rok Grah, a PhD student shared between the Barton, Guet and Tkacik group, successfully passed his qualifying exam. Congratulations!
  • Many members of the lab attended PopGroup50 in Cambridge. Nick Barton, Stefanie Belohlavy, Harald Ringbauer, Himani Sacheva, Barbora Trubenova gave talks about their recent work; Maria Clara Melo and Eniko Szep had poster presentations.