2009, PhD Mathematical & Natural Sciences

2003, MSc Applied Mathematics                                          

1999, Biologist & minor in Physics



ResearcherID: C-1240-2014           ORCID: 0000-0002-5985-7653


From the major transitions to the micro-evolutionary changes, selection creates and encodes information in the genes. In my research I apply theoretical methods to understand the origins and evolution of genetic systems partly in terms of information. Currently I am  focusing my research efforts in two main projects. 

  1. There is an analogy between statistical mechanics and the evolution of quantitative traits. Taking advantage of it, I study the long-term response to the joint action of selection, mutation and drift, over a polygenic trait. (More info)

    Another aspect of this analogy allows to study the limits of how much information per generation can selection transduce from the phenotype into the genes.

  2. There are several theories on the origins of the genetic code. Although we might think that because it was established eons ago we have no evidence of the initial processes leading to it, that is not true. The enzymatic machinery of protein synthesis -and the code itself- hides many molecular fossils that point to ancient sequences and molecular structures of prebiotic RNA's. The analysis of such genetic and structural data allows to discern distinct prebiotic scenarios for the origins of the code, which I test through the application of population genetics models, and chemical kinetics theory.

I also apply the study of population dynamics and genetics to diseases  (malaria & cancer), as a contribution to the understanding of factors that cause much human suffering.

Full contacts

Since October 2013 I work at
Center for the Conceptual Foundations of Science
Parmenides Foundation
Kirchplatz 1
82049 Pullach / Munich

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