PhD Student (shared with Benkova Group)


IST Austria

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A-3400 Klosterneuburg


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Research interests


Extracellular Ionic and Osmotic Environment in Control of Morphogenesis


Physiological environment, characterized by a diverse distribution of specific ionic species affects the processes by which cells and tissues take shape in development. Osmolarity, defined as solute concentration, plays an important role in various cellular bahaviours, such as migration, division and wound healing in animal cells but very little is known about how inter- and intracellular osmolarity is controlled in the developing organism and how changes in osmolarity in turn affect development.


In order to decipher fundamental and common mechanisms by which osmolarity and ionic properties of the cellular environment affect processes by which cells and tissues take shape I am using an interdisciplinary approach by developing tools enabling me to perform spatial and temporal ion-activity monitoring and apply it to different model system (animal-zebrafish and plant-A.thaliana), therefor integrating several disciplines including cell and developmental biology with physiology and biophysics.