Young Scientist Symposium 2014

The emergence of regular patterns in initially disorganized systems appears all over science. Regularity can emerge both in time and space.
In fact, the study of synchronization and its applications has been undertaken in a variety of fields ranging from the neuroscience of brain oscillations or quorum sensing in bacterial populations to the complexity of distributed computing in computer science and the mathematics of coupled oscillators.

The post-docs and students of the Institute of Science and Technology Austria cordially invite you to their third Young Scientist Symposium entitled:

Synchronize! Clocks, Rhythms and Communication across the sciences

on Friday May 16, 2014, 9am to 7pm at IST Austria

The one-day multidisciplinary event will encompass six general talks and a panel discussion on diverse topics, including neuroscience, biology, physics and computer science. Confirmed speakers are:

Pascal Fries (MPI Frankfurt)

John Lisman (Brandeis University)

Roger Wattenhofer (ETH Zürich) 

Michael Rosenblum (Univeristy of Potsdam)

Andrew Oates (University College London)

Lev Tsimring (UC San Diego)

The event is organized entirely by young scientists, and open to academics at all stages of their career. In particular we encourage other young scientists to attend this event and take part in the discussion.

Further information and registration at the conference website.