Student Open Day

The Institute of Science and Technology Austria welcomes you on November 25 (Friday), 2016!

Join lab tours and "Meet the Research Group" sessions, where you get the opportunity to meet our professors, postdocs and PhD students and ask them about their research. Find out about our PhD program and internship opportunities from the Dean (Prof. Nick Barton) and the PhD Program Chair (Prof. Gasper Tkacik). Take a campus tour to learn more about the founding principles of IST Austria as well as its past and future developments.

Download the program and schedule for an overview of all the lab tours taking place.


Lab Tours
9:00-12:45 Register online

Meet the Research Group Sessions

9:00-12:45 Register online

Info Talks, Raiffeisen Lecture Hall
13:00-13:15 Welcome to IST Austria – Nick Barton (Dean)

13:15-13:30 Introduction to the Graduate School and Internship Opportunities – Gasper Tkacik (Program Chair)

13:30-14:00 Question & Answer Session – Nick Barton, Gasper Tkacik and the Graduate School Office

Lab Tours
14:00-17:45 Register online

Meet the Research Group Sessions

14:00-17:45 Register online

Guided Tours from Info Point
14:00-16:00 Register online

Think & Drink, Raiffeisen Lecture Hall
16:00-16:30  Stephanie Kainrath (PhD student, Janovjak Group) gives a talk titled "When red means go and green means stop: controlling cellular signals with optogenetics", followed by drinks. See attached abstract for further details of this special Think & Drink talk.

Please register online to join lab tours, "Meet the Research Group" sessions, and campus tours using this web form. We will send out further details about the open day and shuttle buses to the email address you register with.



: 8:15: Heiligenstadt (U4 station) | 9:30: Heiligenstadt (U4 station) | 11:00: TU Wien (Resselgasse 5)
: 17:00: to Heiligenstadt (U4 station) | 18:00: to TU Wien (Resselgasse 5)



Location IST Austria