Nature Index 2018 Rising Stars profiles up-and-coming research institutions in the natural sciences. In recognition of their leading role, it also tells the stories of institutes, countries and regions that have exceeded expectations in their contribution to the Nature Index over the past three years. IST Austria is the only young institute ranked among the top ten academic institutions outside Asia.

Awards and honors are an important metric for measuring research excellence. The most prestigious grants for basic science on the European level are awarded by the European Research Council (ERC). Set up in 2007 by the European Union, the ERC is the first pan-European funding organization for frontier research. It aims to stimulate scientific excellence in Europe by encouraging competition for funding between the very best, creative researchers of any nationality and age. With almost 48%, IST Austria has by far the highest success rate of ERC Grants in Europe.

ERC Advanced Grant: Nick Barton (2009), Tom Henzinger (2010), Peter Jonas (2010), Laszlo Erdös (2013), Tamas Hausel (2013), Peter Jonas (2016), Ryuichi Shigemoto (2016), Robert Seiringer (2016), Carl-Philipp Heisenberg (2017), Jiři Friml (2017), Herbert Edelsbrunner (2018)
ERC Consolidator Grant: Vladimir Kolmogorov (2013), Jonathan P. Bollback (2015)*, Krzysztof Pietrzak (2015), Michael Sixt (2016), Simon Hippenmeyer (2016), Sylvia Cremer (2017), Fyodor Kondrashov (2017)
ERC Starting Grant: Eva Benková (2007), Sylvia Cremer (2009), Krzysztof Pietrzak (2010), Krishnendu Chatterjee (2011), Jozsef Csicsvari (2011), Michael Sixt (2011), Jiří Friml (2011), Christoph Lampert (2012), Björn Hof (2012), Georgios Katasaros (2013), Chris Wojtan (2014), Fyodor Kondrashov (2014), Martin Loose (2015), Anna Kicheva (2015), Bernd Bickel (2016), Jan Maas (2016), Gaia Novarino (2016), Beatriz Vicoso (2016), Sandra Siegert (2016), Johannes Fink (2017), Maximilian Jösch (2017), Dan Alistarh (2018), Mikhail Lemeshko (2018)
ERC Proof of Concept Grant: Björn Hof (2016)

Selected recent awards and distinctions for faculty members of IST Austria:

EMBO Gold Medal: Jiří Friml (2012)
SFARI Award: Gaia Novarino (2016)
Charles Albert Shull Award: Jiří Friml (2016)
Mega Grant by the Russian Government: Herbert Edelsbrunner (2011-2013)
Wittgenstein Award: Tom Henzinger (2012), Peter Jonas (2016), Herbert Edelsbrunner (2018)
Erwin Schrödinger Prize: Nick Barton (2013), Jiří Friml (2015), Peter Jonas (2018)
START Award: Michael Sixt (2011), Georgios Katsaros (2013), Caroline Uhler (2015)*
HFSP Grant: Calin Guet (2011), Michael Sixt (2011), Gašper Tkačik (2012, 2018), Harald Janovjak (2012)*, Tobias Bollenbach (2013)*, Simon Hippenmeyer (2014), Martin Loose (2016)
Körber European Science Award: Jiří Friml (2010)
Leonard Eisenbud Prize: Laszlo Erdös (2017)
Fritz Kohlrausch Award: Johannes Fink (2018)
Ludwig Boltzmann Award: Mikhail Lemeshko (2017)
ACM SIGGRAPH Significant New Researcher Award: Chris Wojtan (2016), Bernd Bickel (2017)
Microsoft Research Faculty Fellowship: Krishnendu Chatterjee (2011)
Microsoft Visual Computing Award: Chris Wojtan (2013), Bernd Bickel (2015)
Darwin Wallace Medal: Nick Barton (2009)
Mendel Medal: Nick Barton (2013)
Milner Award: Tom Henzinger (2015)
Academy Award for Technical Achievement: Bernd Bickel (2018)

EMBO Membership: Jiri Friml (2010), Nick Barton (2014), Michael Sixt (2014), Carl-Philipp Heisenberg (2016), Eva Benkova (2017), Leonid Sazanov (2018)
Member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences: (ÖAW): Full members Tom Henzinger (2011), Herbert Edelsbrunner (2014); Corresponding Members Laszlo Erdös (2015), Robert Seiringer (2017)
Member of the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina: Peter Jonas (2001), Tom Henzinger (2005), Herbert Edelsbrunner (2008), Carl-Philipp Heisenberg (2015)
Member of the Junge Akademie (Germany): Sylvia Cremer (2008-2013)
Member of the Young Academy (Austria): Sylvia Cremer (2011), Michael Sixt (2013), Christoph Lampert (2013), Jiří Friml (2014), Georgios Katsaros (2015), Beatriz Vicoso (2017)
Member of the Academia Europaea: Tom Henzinger (2006), Herbert Edelsbrunner (2009), Peter Jonas (2015), Laszlo Erdös (2015), Ryuichi Shigemoto (2017)
Fellow of Royal Society of London: Nick Barton (1994)
Fellow of Royal Society of Edinburgh: Nick Barton (1995)
Member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences: Laszlo Erdös (2016)
FENS-Kavli Scholar: Gaia Novarino (2016)
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Fellowship: Tom Henzinger (2013)
European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS) Fellowship
: Herbert Edelsbrunner (2014), Thomas Henzinger (2015)

Highly Cited Scientist: Ryuichi Shigemoto (2000), Tom Henzinger (2006), Nick Barton (2008), Herbert Edelsbrunner (2009), Eva Benkova (2014), Jiri Friml (2014-2018), Laszlo Erdös (2017-2018)


* Former faculty members of IST Austria