Cooperation between the University of Vienna and IST Austria

This initiative enables students from both institutions to enroll in courses, workshops and lectures at the other institution. Please note that whether externally completed coursework can be counted towards degree requirements at your home institution needs to be queried with the respective home institution.

Participating in University of Vienna courses as PhD student at IST Austria
All University of Vienna courses are listed in the course catalog.

If you would like to enroll in a University of Vienna course please contact the graduate school office at

The formal procedures are then coordinated by the graduate school office in collaboration with the Center for Doctoral Studies and the admissions office at the University of Vienna.

Participating in IST Austria courses as student at the University of Vienna
All courses and lectures at IST Austria are published on this website.

To take part in any of them, please register here as an external participant at least two weeks prior to the course start date.

The graduate school office at IST Austria will then get back to you with further details.

Should you have any questions on courses held at IST Austria or the registration process, please send an email to