May 19, 2011

IST Lecture: Henry Markram "Introducing the Human Brain Project"

On May 18, 2011 IST Austria welcomed Prof. Henry Markram for an IST Lecture. Prof. Markram, the founder of the Brain Mind Insitute at EPFL, gave his talk on the Human Brain Project. The aim of this scientific initiative is to build biologically detailed simulations of the complete human brain and to create the informatics, modeling and supercomputing technologies necessary to do so. The HBP is so far in the stage of FET Flagship Proposal. It is intended  to be a European-led project with partners all over the world. The current HBP Consortium consists of 13 universities and research institutions from 9 EU member states and associate members, led by Switzerland’s EPFL.

Held in the Raiffeisen Lecture Hall at IST Austria, Prof. Markram’s intriguing talk drew more than 180 people and was followed by lively discussions among the scientific audience and the general public.

More information about HBP:

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