Postdoctoral Researcher (currently on paternity leave)

IST Austria
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A-3400 Klosterneuburg

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Viral pathogens in social insects

Viruses are important infectious diseases, regularly causing epidemics in societies, be it humans, livestock or social insects. To prevent infection of individuals, as well as the spread through the society, it is important to study viral infections both at the level of organisms (individual defence) and society (epidemiology). While research has made a lot of progress in understanding viral infections in vertebrate societies, our knowledge in social insects is minute. Ants have invested in a multitude of individual and collective defences to assure colony survival and reproduction. The growing field of social immunity, however, has so far been limited to studying collective defences against bacterial and fungal infections only. Viral diseases in ants have so far been neglected; I am aiming to filling this knowledge gap.


2014-2018   Postdoctoral Researcher, IST Austria, Austria

                             (Lise Meitner, FWF Fellow)

2010-2013      Postdoctoral Researcher, Royal Holloway University London, United Kingdom

2009-2010      Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2006-2009      PhD student, Centre for Social Evolution (CSE), University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2000-2006      MSc (Diploma) in Biology, University of Regensburg, Germany