Software Engineer

Am Campus 1

3400 Klosterneuburg

+43 (0) 2243 9000 1042


I studied computer science, did my master in the field of medical and neuroinformatics and my PhD in biomedical engineering. My scientific work in the field of neuroscience focused on the electroencephalogram (EEG) and related fields (sleep analysis, brain computer interface, electrophysiological modelling). Within my scientific work, I acquired extensive expertise in the area of signal processing, statistics and machine learning. I founded the free software library BioSig, provide the NaN- and TSA toolboxes for Matlab and Octave, and contributed to a number of other free and open source software projects. In my current position, I am supporting the software development for the scientific work of the Jonas group, as well as the IT department in adapting various free software packages to the needs of IST Austria. Because I am well aware of the dangers and difficulties of proprietary software (vendor lock-in, security threats, etc.), I am also using and recommending the use of free and open source software.